Church Development

Most of the pastors in the refugee settlement did not go to seminary school. The pastor’s training program at Ebenezer Global, in partnership with Disciple Hub, will provide Biblical courses on various topics, themes, and degrees of difficulty - all without having to acquire books and other physical materials. Through an extensive Biblical course library, pastors will examine religious scriptures, and the biblical implications of spiritual devotion, as a foundation for Christian belief and practice by studying Biblical history, background, and scriptures, as well as how to apply the Bible's teaching to everyday life.

Church Administration Development

Soccer Academy

In 2019, a missionary team from Memphis TN, Texas, and Uganda visited Ebenezer Global and part of the mission work was organizing a four-day soccer training camp. This was so impactful that it expanded to what we now call the Soccer Academy Program. This program focuses on bringing together boys and girls from different tribes and denominations and mentoring and teaching them the word of God. These students come together weekly to have soccer training and Bible Studies, and on Saturdays go into the community to serve the vulnerable population (the widows, orphans, and disabled).

The soccer academy consists of a Boys and girls’ teams between the ages of 11 and 25 years of age:

  • Boys Senior Team (18 to 25 years old): 35
  • Boys Junior Team (11 to 17 years old): 35
  • Girls Team: 24

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