Our History

Ebenezer Global is a non-profit organization operating under Help the Least of These and was officially established in the year 2018.

It started as a servant leadership training conference in Bidi Bidi in the year 2017 and has now expanded to an organization that provides services to refugees, individuals, and communities affected by war, poverty, disease, and famine. Ebenezer Global is located along Iyete market road (300m) from the main road in Bidi Bidi zone one.

Hosts Over 0 Refugees in 15 camps

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Our Mission

Ebenezer Global exists to provide holistic care to refugees and the host community through leadership and skills training so they can excel and become change-agents in their communities.


  • Provide skills training to create job opportunities for self-reliance

  • Provide leadership training to promote community development

  • Provide health education programs to promote health awareness

  • Provide mission trip opportunities throughout the year

  • Create a network within the community, churches, and other organizations

  • Generate funds to expand programs to support and sustain other developmental projects within the community and Ebenezer Global